About us

maanto is a team of industry and software experts dedicated to the
area of online marketing.

We find the rapid developments in the online world fascinating
and constantly monitor the latest trends and technologies.

We are motivated by the challenge of meeting complex requirements,
for which we design top-class solutions.

It is not only the resulting software that is important to us but also the process by which it is developed.
Design and programming take place in close coordination with our customers.
We use the latest technologies and agile software development methods.    



May 2008

  • Founding of the company in Mülheim, Cologne, Germany
  • Partners: T. Denecke, M. Wiegel


  • 2008 onwards: software projects for media agencies


  • 2009 onwards: software projects for online marketers
  • Product development: “AdShooter” – screenshot tool


  • Product development: “AdChecker” – ad verification tool


  • 2011 onwards: specialist solutions, campaign reporting tools