Task management for AdOperations

  • Optimal task overview for team members and managers
  • All tasks related to your campaigns in one central location
  • Improved e-mail communication with your customers


Product details

How does AdChain help you with your task management?

  • Tasks are created automatically based on adserver and/or CRM data
  • Creative integration, change, approval, reports, screenshots, etc.
  • Team access to all campaign informations
  • Automatic task priotization based on custom criteria
  • Task board for visual planning 
  • Special intregrations for Salesforce

Improvement of e-mail processes

  • Automatic assignment of an e-mail to a campaign or order
  • Linking mails, campaigns and tasks
  • Structured mail filing sorted by orders

Smart integration of AdSuite modules

The workflow functions are tightly linked with the other AdSuite modules:

  • Campaign monitoring  with AdMonitor
  • Screenshot taking with AdShooter
  • Generation of reports with AdReporter
  • Checking creatives with AdChecker


Our offer

See the benefits of AdChain for yourself

  • Take advantage of an in-depth presentation and live demo

  • We'd be happy to supply you with pricing information on request