Effective ad monitoring

  • Quality assurance for the delivery of your advertising
  • Early detection of technical problems
  • Continuous monitoring of all activeredirect ads

Product details

How can AdChecker help you with quality assurance?

The following checks are carried out daily for all active redirect ads:

  • Format (height x width)
  • File size (KB)
  • Flash version
  • Flash frame rate
  • Download times
  • Identification of ad exchange
  • Identification of tracking scripts
  • Check for unwanted domains

Each active ad is checked once a day.

Easy access to the check results

  • With an intuitive web application: Numerous search and filter options for a quick overview
  • Excel exports with all details of the checks
  • Daily e-mail alerts with summary of problems

Other Features

  • Individual configuration of warning thresholds
  • Check history: Check results are saved for 30 days
  • Ad check before incorporation into ad server
  • Individual check can be carried out by the user at any time


Our offer

See the benefits of AdChecker for yourself

  • Take advantage of an in-depth presentation and live demo

  • We'd be happy to supply you with pricing information on request