Keep track of your campaign performance

  • Effective monitoring of campaign status
  • Simple traffic light system for early detection of problems


Product details

What is monitored by AdMonitor?

  • Underdelivery/overdelivery: Can delivery goals be met?
  • Start date check: Were impressions generated on the start date?
  • Delivery failure: Does the delivery fall short of a defined threshold value?
  • Plausibility checks: Are ad server settings within a plausible range (CPM, CPC, booked quantities)

Real-time monitoring according to your specifications

  • Data is extremely up to date: 3-5 times daily, ad server data is imported and checks updated
  • Define the check thresholds that you require in the administration module
  • Change the ad server settings (such as the delivery period) using the AdMonitor interface

Add-on module AdGap (optional)

  • Link to AdGap partner agencies
  • Daily exchange of delivery data
  • Early detection of counting discrepancies
  • Clear visualisation in dashboards

Other Features

  • Multiple ad server support: Control campaigns from multiple ad servers using a single interface
  • User-friendly, intuitive user settings (views, filters)
  • Share campaign information via comments in the team
  • Export to Excel
  • Delivery processes in chart form


If the standard scope of AdMonitor does not include checks that you need, we can implement your requirements using customising:

  • Integration of order data: Do the settings on the ad server match those in the order system?
  • Linking of view-time tracking in order to monitor visibility KPIs

Our offer

See the benefits of AdMonitor for yourself

  • Take advantage of an in-depth presentation and live demo

  • We'd be happy to supply you with pricing information on request