Create Campaign screenshots quickly and conveniently

  • Use AdShooter to create screenshots quickly
  • Optimum high-quality screenshots
  • Simple to send to your customers via e-mail

Product details

How can AdShooter improve your screenshot process?

The system assists you optimally in every procedural step. With the semi-automatic process, you can achieve time savings of 50-70%:

  • Campaign lists are loaded from the ad server via API
  • URL proposal to suit the placement
  • Incorporation of ad server preview function to immediately display ads in the web page context
  • Full control over the correct time of receipt by the user
  • Interaction with the advertising material is possible (e.g. expandable ads)
  • Send to your customers by e-mail using a download link
  • Screenshots are saved for 30 days on our server

Screenshot gallery and archive functions

  • In a gallery view, you can quickly locate suitable screenshot examples from the past
  • You can search by advertiser, form of advertising or website, for example
  • Archive function: Monthly ZIP archive package containing all screenshots for storage on your fileserver
  • Import via interface: We can provide a web service API for importing data into your in-house systems

Other Features

  • Screenshot options: Full-page, visible area, from start of page to ad position or freely selectable
  • Screenshots are provided in the form of a ZIP file with JPGs and PowerPoint
  • You can send ready-made text templates by e-mail


Our offer

See the benefits of AdShooter for yourself

  • Take advantage of an in-depth presentation and live demo

  • We'd be happy to supply you with pricing information on request