Smart tools for AdOperations

  • AdChain: Task & mail management
  • AdMonitor : Campaign Monitoring
  • AdShooter: Campaign screenshots
  • AdReporter: Campaign reporting
  • AdChecker: Creative checks


Product overview

AdSuite – smart tools for campaign/ad managers

  • AdSuite helps you in your day-to-day campaign management work
  • You can carry out numerous after-sales processes via an intuitive web interface
  • AdSuite is as easy to use software-as-a-service

AdChain – workflow tools

  • Task management tailored to the world of campaign management
  • Automated task generation helps you to keep track of countless tasks
  • Optimisation of internal and external e-mail communication

AdMonitor – campaign monitoring

  • Constant campaign monitoring according to your specifications
  • Early detection of delivery issues
  • Checks for missing creatives, delivery on campaign start, underdelivery, viewabilty etc.


  • Create document screenshots quickly
  • Send them by e-mail with download links
  • Screenshot gallery and archive function


  • Saves time on regular campaign reporting
  • Use individual report layouts and send reports by e-mail
  • Expansion of the comprehensive reporting platform possible


  • Quality assurance for ad delivery
  • Ensures adherence to technical specifications
  • Daily control over all active redirect ads


To use the AdSuite modules, a connection to your ad server via an API interface is required. We currently support the following ad servers:

  • Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)
  • ADTECH ad server
  • Smart AdServer
  • AppNexus (not AdShooter at the moment)

Our offer

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